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FTP Web Hosting

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the method you will use to copy your web pages and files from your computer to your web space on our server. To use FTP you need software called an FTP client to transfer your files quickly and easily from your computer to your hosting account. We offer flexible and affordable flat-rate FTP hosting solutions, mostly for small- to medium-sized companies. We also host dedicated FTP servers for Fortune 500 companies or others with larger FTP hosting needs. We can customize a FTP hosting plan with whatever FTP space, private FTP accounts and FTP security settings fit the file transfer needs of your business.
We empower our customers to use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) -- a reliable, proven technology -- to securely deliver files of any size over the Internet. We offer secure FTP options using FTPS (SSL), FTP-over-HTTPS (SSL) and SFTP (SSH), as well as custom web-based FTP client solutions to both enhance and simplify the end-user experience.


Windows Enterprise Services 500MB/1GB/2GB Pack Windows Standard Services 250MB Pack
Linux Standard Services 250MB Pack Linux Starter Services 100MB Pack Linux Enterprise Services 500MB/1GB/2GB Pack