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Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting can also be termed as dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting services. This is the server where a client leases the complete server without sharing it with anyone. The advantage of dedicated server hosting is that it is much more flexible than shared hosting, as the company will have full control over the servers. The control includes the choice of operating system, hardware, etc. An add-on service that the hosting company can provide is the server administration. A dedicated server can offer larger return on investment and fewer overheads. Data centers are the place where dedicated servers are housed, same as collocation facilities, providing power sources. A dedicated server hosting provides system administration and owns the server itself. The following terminology needs to be defined when we talk about dedicated server hosting:

Internet Hosting: A service that runs Internet servers is called Internet hosting. This service allows individuals and organizations to serve content to the Internet. Web hosting is a common kind of Internet hosting. Web hosting services offer another service called e-mail hosting service.


Shared Hosting: Shared web hosting can also be called as virtual hosting services. Here more than one website is hosted on the same server. As many people share the cost of maintenance of the server, shared hosting is considered to be the most economical option. Build your dedicated hosting server to meet the needs of your business in a no risk environment. Our dedicated hosting solutions allow you to build your server from the ground up based on the space, performance, control and management options you need. Combined with our world-class network infrastructure, our dedicated hosting solutions provide a powerful foundation for your online success. On a Dedicated Server, you have the entire machine to yourself. This is fast, secure and you have full control. You can install any program and update programs as often as you like. This is a good choice for sites that get a lot of visitors, use a lot of system resources, if you are holding very important data, or if you need special software that is not available on virtual servers.

You need a dedicated server if :
  • Your site gets so many hits your Virtual Server account cannot handle it.
  • You want to host many sites on the one server.
  • You need a feature that is not offered on a Virtual Server.
  • You require a high level of security.
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